Greys Specialist Recruitment Comes to Manchester

Date: 14/03/2024
Author: Paul Green
Company: Greys Specialist Recruitment

Winding my way through careers coaching and talent acquisition I've realised that the bottom line is that I really enjoy helping people; helping candidates secure a new role to take them a step closer to their end goal means I was a small part of their journey and it truly is the part I love.
Greys, with seven years in Occupational Health recruitment, have now opened in Manchester and we are supporting across the HR, Tech and Commercial Sales & Support sectors.

If you’re looking for candidates to come in and add value to your business then please reach out on – the market is so strong with some truly outstanding individuals that would love to be a part of your strategy to help drive your business forward. However, don't just take my word for it though, one client of ours said:

“When the new hires met one another for the first time I did overhear part of their conversation about their positive experiences being with Greys and working with you; and this told me that my experience of Greys is not unique. With all my vacancies filled with good people, I am hoping not to need your head-hunting skills for some time, but daily we benefit from the people you found”