Have You Got The AI Advantage?

Date: 03/04/2024
Author: Paul Culshaw
Company: Paul Culshaw Coaching

I recently attended an enlightening online event called 'The AI Advantage'.

Like with anything new, if you're unsure about how to use AI be curious and take small steps with tools like ChatGPT, Claude and Google Gemini.

The event delved into the transformative role of AI in marketing content creation for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Here are my key takeaways, with my own spin:

- - -

1️⃣ Gain Ideas

Use ChatGPT, Claude or Google Gemini to generate a flurry of ideas for your blog and social media posts.

2️⃣ Select Topics:

From the ideas list, drill down into topics and sub-topics that resonate with your expertise. This part is pretty crucial for structuring your content posting plan based on what you want to be known for online.

3️⃣ Outline Your Content

Develop an AI generated blueprint for your content. Given the ongoing debates around digital watermarking, i.e. who owns the content that's output from AI tools, it's wise to customise AI-generated content to make it your own.

But Here's The Thing:

The extent of how much you need to change AI-generated content to make it your own is still open for discussion and analysis. I.e. No-one knows yet.

4️⃣ Proofread and Edit

Use AI to refine your draft content into publish-ready pieces. (With this, will proofreading become a lost skill?)

6️⃣ Make It Easy to Read

Opt for clear, concise sentences that resonate with your ideal clients to boost engagement and SEO effectiveness.

- - -

Given the legal complexities surrounding AI-generated content, my take is to proceed as though you don't own AI outputs.

Instead, infuse them with your own unique touch!

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