Have you heard? Faster Britain is available across Greater Manchester

Date: 13/12/2023
Author: ITS Technology Group
Company: ITS Technology Group

Faster Britain is the UK’s leading business-grade full fibre network, helping to reshape the UK's digital infrastructure. With the demand for a 10Gbps-standard growing, Faster Britain is providing the reliable, resilient network that’s helping connect Greater Manchester businesses with the future of connectivity.

Unlike the incumbents, Faster Britain doesn't need to retrofit its infrastructure to meet future bandwidth demands. Their proactive approach ensures Greater Manchester businesses have a robust connectivity toolkit that scales seamlessly as technology evolves – precisely what the second-largest UK economic hub needs.

At the heart of Faster Britain's vision is the aspiration to position the UK as a global digital hub. The network goes beyond facilitating standard internet services; it is designed to support the next wave of technology, including advanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications. From smart environmental devices to on-street traffic management, Faster Britain's inherently XGS-PON-enabled infrastructure is geared to meet the needs of an increasingly connected world.

Why full fibre?

Greater Manchester businesses need to prepare for the PSTN switch-off, with the 2025 deadline looming. The shift from an outdated copper network to a future-ready, resilient network offers the business community a new opportunity to adopt the bandwidth-hungry technology that boosts productivity and operational efficiency. With some of the biggest names in Manufacturing, Digital Services, Education, Science and Technology calling Greater Manchester home, the move to full fibre signals a transformative opportunity to connect with the future of technology. Faster Britain is propelling the UK Government’s ‘Project Gigabit’ initiative of 100% gigabit-capable availability by 2030, with a fully 10Gbps, business-grade network designed to support the most bandwidth-hungry businesses. 

The business community is all too familiar with the issues associated with poor connectivity. From patchy coverage to total network outages, poor broadband can seriously inflict both profits and productivity. It’s estimated that the UK’s manufacturing and industrial organisations alone lose £1.7m to unplanned downtime, and as organisations navigate turbulent economic markets, the last thing they need is a connection that can’t keep up.

Additionally, the average business broadband is just 76Mbps, meaning companies are actively being held back by insufficient broadband. Full fibre offers a more resilient, longer-lasting solution that’s less prone to wear and tear and lasts longer. Our business broadband products are designed to prioritise continuity, with 99.5% uptime and dedicated resilience option and value added services to ensure businesses operate round-the-clock with no interruptions.   With up to 10Gbps of bandwidth scalability to easily support exciting technologies like AI and robotics, Greater Manchester businesses can be more confident in their digital initiatives with Faster Britain.

With its cutting-edge infrastructure, community-focused initiatives, and dedication to future-proofing businesses, Faster Britain is at the forefront of the UK's digital transformation, laying the groundwork for a gigabit-capable era.

It’s your choice of provider

With our open-access wholesale network, your business can choose from a range of local and national Faster Britain partners to benefit from our full fibre bandwidth. This offers you a choice of provider and enables your business to bundle services to meet your requirements.

Go to www.FasterBritain.com to get a free quote today.