Looking for a new VMware Alternative? Switch Seamlessly to Scale Computing

Date: 12/03/2024
Author: Jennifer Laptew
Company: Avoira

With the recent Broadcom acquisition of VMware, many current customers are concerned about the future of their virtualization due to the recent price increases and license changes. As a result, companies are looking and needing an alternative for the IT Infrastructure needs.

Together, Scale Computing and Avoira, are ensuring that our customers have the opportunity to explore an industry-leading virtualization alternative. The virtualisation platform from Scale Computing brings simplicity, high availability, and scalability together, replacing the existing infrastructure for running VMs in a single, easy-to-manage platform. Regardless of hardware requirements, users can run applications on a fully integrated platform.

As a platinum partner for Scale Computing, Avoira has certified engineers who can work with end customers to understand how they can deploy their applications with ease onto a Scale virtualized platform. Our engineers are experienced in migrating virtualized environments from VMware to Scale Computing, and in addition we offer a full assessment services of VMware solution and advise on the migration process.

With many customers looking to migrate away from VMware, there are a common set of questions we hear on their journey to Scale Computing Platform and Avoira are here to answer them.
• Migration – How hard will it be to migrate my workloads from VMware onto SC//Platform?
• Fear of the Unknown – Do I need training on KVM to run SC//Platform?
• Workload Support – Will my apps be supported when running on something other than VMware?
• Backup – Can I still use my favourite backup product of choice with SC//Platform?
• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Will I have to pay more?
• Services and Support – Will support be better?
Head over to our website to find the answers to all your questions - https://avoira.com/company/partners/scale-computing/ ?utm_source=news&utm_medium=gmcc&utm_campaign=mk240118_scaleit

If your interested in discussing more options regarding Virtualisation and how we can help you then please contact us 0333 001 5151 or visit our website for more information - https://avoira.com/company/partners/scale-computing/ ?utm_source=news&utm_medium=gmcc&utm_campaign=mk240118_scaleit

And don’t worry, if your contract isn’t due for renewal just yet, we’ll cover your remaining VMware term at no additional cost!