Skills for Life – How businesses can benefit from government training and employment schemes

Date: 02/05/2024
Author: British Chambers of Commerce
Company: British Chambers of Commerce

The number of businesses considering government training and employment schemes is on the rise, as SME employers increasingly see the value in growing talent from within.

Recent data, from Skills for Life’s Skills Horizon 2024, identified a significant shift towards upskilling, with 71% of SMEs planning to invest in their current workforce in the year ahead.

Schemes such as apprenticeships, Higher Technical Qualifications and Skills Bootcamps allow employers to upskill existing staff to meet business needs, and future proof their workforce.

The use of school leaver schemes, such as T Levels, also look to be on the rise for future talent pipeline building as 60% of SMEs said they were considering offering industry placements to T Level students in the year ahead.

Employers cited the benefits of such technical education routes as an opportunity to shape young talent (55%) and address skills gaps within the business (50%).

Apprenticeships, Skills Bootcamps, Higher Technical Qualifications and T Levels all involve a level of upskilling, however each boasts their own unique advantages. Understanding the flexible options available is important for employers, and the Skills for Life campaign aims to help SMEs understand the schemes available to them.

To find out more about how skills can help your business and its employees reach their potential, visit the Finding Training and Employment Schemes for your Business website.