Funding Post-Brexit

In this section: EU funding, Erasmus scheme, UK funding

The UK will continue to pay into and participate in some EU funding programmes as outlined in the draft Joint Declaration on Participation in Union Programmes and Access to Programme Services. For example, the UK’s science and research sector will be eligible for funding from the new Horizon Europe scheme which is due to run from 2021 to 2027, though the terms remain to be negotiated.

The UK will no longer participate in the Erasmus scheme. However, the UK government have announced intention to launch a replacement initiative called the ‘Turing Scheme’.

The 2020 Comprehensive Spending Review confirmed the long overdue launch of UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

The government have confirmed that total domestic UK-wide funding will at least match current EU receipts, on average reaching around of £1.5 billion a year. The government will also provide additional funding to support our communities to pilot programmes and new approaches. However further details won’t be published until the spring. HMG have developed a UK-wide framework for investment in places receiving funding and outlined high level priorities, including bespoke employment and skills programmes that are tailored to local need. However, further details of the UKSPF in a UK-wide investment framework won’t be published until spring 2021.