Market Identification Service

When deciding to grow your global footprint, choosing the right market(s) from the start can save you time and money.  This is cost-effective service designed for companies who do not have the expertise or resource to carried out a market screening and selection activity in-house.

This service looks at import or export net values for your respective product by using your HS Code (up to six digits) which throws a list of the top net importers or exporters for your product and the ones which have had the fastest growth in the last 3 to 5 years. 

Once the top market players have been identified (up to 5), we conduct a macro-economic analysis for those including factors such as:  GDP, ease of doing business, infrastructure, tariff barriers, just to mention but a few, to ultimately showcase the top 3 which are the most attractive and offer the best potential for your business.


  • New to export or import companies of goods seeking to develop their international strategy for the first time

  • Occasional and/or experienced exporters/importers of goods seeking to further expand their global footprint


  • Save valuable time and money by letting our team do all the background research

  • It will aid your decision-making process and developing a sound export/import action plan

  • By knowing which markets offer the best potential you will minimise risks and will allocate resources to those markets which have the higher chance of success for your business.


  • Members: Starts at £550+VAT per product (HS Code)

  • Non-Members: Starts at £750+VAT per product (HS Code)


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