Benefits of Internationalisation

Why should British SMES go global?

  • Emerging and Developing Economies (EDEs) are expected to contribute to 60% of global GDP by 2030

  • 90% of purchasing power is outside the UK & EU.

  • There is a growing middle class with purchasing power across Emerging and Developing Economies.

  • In the digital age, we are more connected to the rest of the world than ever before and whether it be e-commerce or social media your business can reach customers instantly.

Source: EU, Nielsen, The Guardian


  • Increase productivity, sales revenue and profitability by tapping into new markets

  • Become more innovative - either in your processes or development of new products and/or services

  • Reduce the risk of depending on domestic market sales

  • Raise your reputation by becoming a global competitor


  • Reduce your operating, manufacturing and production costs by accessing lower-priced raw materials and components

  • Access high quality and innovative products and services

  • Boost consumer choice by increased competition

  • Generate new jobs and safeguard existing ones


  • Aid your export growth by having a regional base

  • Enhance your global supply chain

  • Ensure you are close to your international customers and provide better customer or after sales services

  • Access local projects easily

Are you interested in going global but not sure where to start?

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