Leaders' Impact

Many Director-level leaders have a desire to use their influence in a way that will have a positive impact on the region. The Leaders' Network aims to support this goal by using the Chamber's long standing foundation and presence. Well known for our contributions to commerce, the Chamber has also become an integral part of Greater Manchester's culture and community through our work with various organisations. 

Through the Leaders' Network our Director - level members are invited to be part of the on going impactful projects and events happening at the Chamber. You will have the opportunity to gain an insight into Greater Manchester's developments in commerce, community and culture, have an influence in proceedings and connect with other impactful leaders and organisations. 


Impactful Opportunities 

  • BURN
  • LGBT 
  • Responsible Futures


Upcoming Impactful Events 

  • Quarterly Economic Survey 
  • Preventing Poverty 
  • Leaders' Lunch 
  • Responsible Futures Conference