Visas Immigration Consultancy Services

As the UK left the EU, new immigration laws now apply to both UK citizens going travelling abroad and foreigners wishing to come to the UK for tourism, work or other.  

In order to understand the new rules for both business visitors and service providers, and to avoid penalties, we offer bespoke and tailored consultancy via one of our Approved Suppliers to guide you through EU and International law and provide guidance for your business.

Provision of robust and country-based guides based on the UK to EU member state/member state to UK travel, guides will evaluate the trade agreement, look at the immigration requirements/entry and provide details of required documentation and a step-by-step process to completing the visa or permit declaration

Establish if a worker is a business traveller or posted worker and provide a checklist and guide detailing pre-notification requirements and documentation on a member state by member state basis

    • Introduction to the Trade Agreement

    • How to broadly define a business traveller and a service provider

    • Understanding rough timescales for application processes

    • Country focus (roughly x3 per session):

    • The rest of the session will offer practical training around the process of information gathering and any relevant applications

    • It will cover 1 example per country of a business visitor and a service provider

    • Delegates will be provided with an overview of requirements and relevant checklists

  • UK Immigration Guides and Advice

    • Applications for Sponsorship licences

    • Applications for Skilled Worker and Global Talent visas 

    • Right to work and immigration compliance training 

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