International Trade Library

As a member, you can access our online library, which contains a number of useful documents such as market reports, market snapshots and general guides to exporting and importing. 

If interested in a market, please contact the team at so we can help you with introductions to our vast Global Business Network.  We have partnerships established so our members can access preferential rates in most markets.

Download and read the documents below. 





GMCC Youtube Channel

Check on demand past recordings of a wide range of GMCC webinars including 2021-22 Bitesize sessions, Market webinars and more.

*GMCC Partners (Approved Suppliers).

How can the Chamber help you go global?

Our Award-winning trade team offers you a whole suit of A to Z international Trade services to support you in every stage of your internationalisation journey, whether you are looking to export, import or invest.

Market Promotion & Research

  • International Trade Events - Business clinics, Market Events, Virtual bitesize sessions, Trade forum, Meet the Buyer/Supplier events and more.

  • Export, import and customs training courses

  • Developing your international Strategy

  • Identify your next global market - Find overseas buyers/distributors/agents or diversify/expand your global supply chain

  • Market Entry Services - Helping you find partners overseas through our Global Connect Network

  • Customs compliance Services - VAT, rules of origin, audits, export licenses and more..

Getting Paid and Funding

  • Letters of Credit - Full services

  • Credit Checks - helping you with your due diligence

  • Foreign Exchange - Helping you minimise the risk of trading in other currencies - whether submitting an export quote or paying an overseas supplier

  • Debt collection

Customs & Documentation

  • Customs Clearance Agent Services  - supporting exporters and importers with their export and import customs entries, and transit requirements

  • Certification, Legalisation and Apostille services -  We help traders with a wide range of documentation certification services including UK/Arab Certificates of Origin, Import Certificates, Invoices/Packings lists, EUR1s UK movement certificate, ATA Carnets and much more

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