International Business Opportunities

We work closely with the UK's Department for International Trade, Foreign Embassies, Overseas Inward Investment & Trade development agencies, international chambers of commerce, and many other Business support organisations to raise awareness of the wide range of export, import and investment opportunities across the globe.   

Please see a few select tender opportunities below from our global partners - email us at for more information on how to access these opportunities, please quote the business opportunity title and country when enquiring.

Tender opportunities


The below opportunity was kindly provided by the China Prosperity Fund. 

The China Energy and Low Carbon Economy Programme is a £13m programme which will match China's specific reform needs with UK energy and low carbon strengths, reducing global emissions by accelerating China's low carbon transition.  This programme is expected to be funded up until 31st March 2022 and aims to:

  • Accelerate China’s low carbon transition and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

  • Increase the sustainability and inclusive deployment of clean energy technologies at a lower cost;

  • Expand China’s green goods and services and create opportunities for international partners including the UK.

 The programme activities are broken down in to the below focus areas which were determined through scoping and consultation with partners from China and the UK.

Clean Technologies (offshore wind, energy storage and smart grid-connected technologies, nuclear power and low carbon transport)
Bridging the Transition (pathways for reduced coal utilisation)
System Reform (power sector reform, systems thinking)
International Governance and Engagement (South-South engagement & Belt and Road Initiative, national and international climate policy, international energy governance)

For more information, please contact the team at 

Featured Business and Partnership Opportunities


The below opportunities were kindly provided by the British Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia.

Green and Sustainable Projects Consultation Company Seeks Strategic Partner

An established consultation company in Malaysia looking for Strategic Partner for Green and Sustainable Projects in many countries, including Malaysia. The company has been operating for the past 20 years and has completed 500 projects in Malaysia and in ASEAN region too. The company average turnover is USD 2.5 million a year. The current shareholders are willing to divest up to 50% of the company's shares to the right new partner. 

University Seeks Company to Provide Net Zero Building Solutions

A private university in Malaysia looking for a company that has expertise in the following:

  • Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
  •  Battery Storage System
  •  Energy Performance Software

All of the above is for them to build the 3rd net zero energy consumption building in Malaysia. 

Further info is available upon request.

Malaysian Company Looks to Source Charging Point Software 

A Malaysian company is looking for expertise the capability to provide charging point hardware and a network of chargers that is suitable for public usage.

Any company from the UK that has existing models or examples of work being done with the city council or town would be an added advantage.

There is an intention to emulate a workable model already existing in the UK, or perhaps other parts of the world done by the UK company. MyTek Ventures would like to collaborate and consider chargers and networks for strategic locations in Malaysia.


The below opportunities were kindly provided by the British Bulgarian Business Association.

IT Outsourcing

A Bulgarian company who offers a range of IT outsourcing opportunities is looking for UK clients who are looking to outsource some, or all, of their IT requirements to Bulgaria.

Medical Equipment

A Bulgarian company is looking to import medical devices from a reputable UK supplier. The company is looking for the following equipment and consumables:

 Molecular diagnostics;

Veterinary diagnostics;

Genetic testing;

Water, environmental and food safety testing;

Human ID and forensics;

Producers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices:

Looking for regulatory consultancy and compliance work under the guidelines of EMA and FDA;

Looking to perform clinical trials in Bulgaria

Organisations looking for cross-border partnerships for joint research infrastructures;  


An EU certified Slovak manufacturer of inflatable air-domes is seeking potential partners and distributors in the UK. 

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The opportunities showcased are sourced from third parties partners and whilst the Chamber does make every effort of ensuring the information provided is up to date, we cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies, timelines, completeness of any information regarding these opportunities.