UK Partner Search

Are you an overseas or UK company looking to find local business partners? We can help you reach them by promoting your partner request through our marketing channels. We will then provide a formal introduction to UK companies who express interest in your partnering opportunity.

Who is this service for?

  • Overseas exporters seeking to connect with UK buyers, importers, distributors or agents

  • Overseas importers seeking to connect with UK suppliers or business partners

  • Overseas companies seeking partners for potential joint ventures or general investment opportunities overseas or in the UK

  • UK companies seeking partners for potential joint venture, general investment or partnerships


  • Save time by tapping straight into a vibrant business community within Greater Manchester and beyond

  • Reach a wide business audience via our membership, marketing and local networks channels:

    • Membership of over 4,200 companies of all sizes and sectors

    • GM Business Community made up of over 800 businesses of all sizes and sectors

    • Website (12,000 hits a month,  over 76K visitors annually).

    • Fortnightly international e-newsletter reaching 2,500 companies trading globally and general newsletter reaching over 5,000 companies

    • Social Media - Reaching circa 40,000 business followers across the region through our twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Facebook

    • We work collaboratively with local and regional networks to amplify our messages across the region

  • A formal Chamber introduction to UK companies who express interest in your partnership opportunities


  • Apart from tapping into the Chamber's strong marketing channels to promote your partner request, we can also run on your behalf coordinated paid marketing campaigns utilising social media channels.   If interested in this add on, email our team so we can provide you with a quote.  


  1. Complete the UK Partner Search Form

  2. Please send it to the team at

  3. If all in order, we will raise an invoice and provide an overview of our marketing plan for promoting your request

  4. Once paid, delivery will take place

How much does it cost?

Email our team at and ask for a quote.    

Important Note about our service:

  • Overseas customers are responsible for paying any bank/credit card extra charges.

  • Must be paid in advance.  Payable upon confirmation and approval of your Partner Search Form. 

  • Please note this service does not provide you with a list of companies as it is intended to be an introduction service.  If you require more in-depth market entry or partner identification service, Email our team at and ask for a quote.

  • This service offers the opportunity to tap into our network through our marketing channels but does not guarantee a response.