Market Research and Entry Services

When you are starting your international journey or considering new markets, it is important to research the markets and which ones offer the most opportunities.

We work with partners, here in the UK and overseas, who can provide bespoke market entry services. Our team can also help you with general market information and guidance on how to choose the right markets for your product or service.


Companies can opt for one of more of the services outline below and a quote will be prepared based on your requirements:

Basic Market Research and Statistics Analysis

  • Brief overview of specific market(s) economic information (e.g. GDP, Population, inflation, ease of doing business, etc)

  • FX and market risk intelligence from our partners 

  • UK and North West historic trade stats and flows with global markets - This can include export/import flows from/to the UK in relation to specific markets (by UK region, by UK port, by commodity code)

  • High-level sector overview reports

Partner Identification 

  • Unverified and raw list of potential partners in your market of interest (e.g. customers, suppliers, other)

  • Shortlist of verified and warm introduction of your business to local partners based in your criteria  (e.g. customer, suppliers, other)

B2B Programmes

  • Bespoke Business Matchmaking programmes - Face to face meetings arrangements with warm leads

  • Meet the Buyer

  • Meet the Supplier

Market Research

  • In-depth Market Research which can include (the below is not limited): 

    • Customer Analysis

    • Competition Analysis

    • Risk analysis

    • Product Research –  local product regulations, adaptation, packaging, labelling, certification requirements, amongst others.

    • Routes to Market (e.g. distributors, agents,  franchise, e-commerce, physical presence, other, etc)

    • International Marketing

    • IP & Trademark considerations

  • Advice & information on local regulations, taxes, certifications (e.g. export documentation, product certifications, registrations, etc)

  • Product/Services launch events

  • Soft landing options (e.g. incubation services)


It will depend on what market entry service you wish to access.  Most companies opt for the list of verified companies and virtual introductions, which may take between 4-6 weeks from the moment the project has been agreed and paid for.

For project more complex, it may require more time.


DIT Internationalisation Fund is available for companies seeking to internationalise and can be used to fund activities such as Market Research, internationalisation of websites, translation costs and more.   


Contact a member of our team at to discuss your requirements so we can provide you with a quote. Members get preferential rates.