Rules of Origin Evidence Audit

The UK has now officially left the EU single market and customs union and as an independent nation has the freedom to negotiate its own trade agreements.

A number of these trade agreements came into force from 1st Jan 2021including the new Trade Cooperation Agreement with the EU

As the UK ventures into the world signing new agreements, it is going to become even more important so now than ever that exporters and importers have a good understanding about Rules of origin and how this will impact their businesses; and keeping evidence of origin is something traders will need to become far more diligent going forward.

The Chamber offers a Rules of Origin (Evidence) Audit service to help you remain compliant with UK and International rules.  Whether you use our Certification services or you are self-certifying, we can help you ensuring your evidence is robust enough. 

How does the service works?

  • If using our Certification Services

In certain industries it is difficult to operate standard certification procedures in relation to the supply of foreign evidence due to complex supply chains, having many product lines and importing goods from all over the world.

The most common arrangement made is for bulk evidence to be lodged with the issuing body to cover certifications granted over a period, however in exceptional cases a special arrangement may be established when the amount of foreign evidence is so extensive it may not be practical to lodge with your local Chamber.

This involves the exporter providing the Chamber with a complete list of all manufacturers along with an ‘Evidence Declaration’. The exporter will be responsible for ensuring the evidence list is kept updated and agree to the Chamber to visit their premises to examine evidence on a regular basis (at least annually).

When a member of the export documentation team visits the company to examine the evidence we will be ensuring that the exporter has key personnel available who can provide us with information and demonstration of the following:

    • Purchasing procedures

    • Import & Export procedures

    • Systems and procedures for tracking origins and manufacturers for product lines

    • Supporting documents relating to origin and manufacturers

  • Companies self-certifying origin of their goods

We can also help audit your evidence trail to confirm origin of the goods and ensure you remain compliant.

Interested in this Service?

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