Resilience First

Founded in April 2018, Resilience First is a not-for-profit membership organisation, led and funded by companies across industry sectors, with a mission to strengthen collective business resilience. Its network of 250 Members and Associates comprises 600 corporates in the private sector, employing 10.4 million employees worldwide and based in 150 countries – including over 75 in the Global South.

As the world’s largest global business network, Resilience First provides the ways and means to harness the collective will of its members to drive resilience at scale and pace, in a world facing deep uncertainties and complex interdependencies – from the threat of climate change to the challenges and opportunities of pandemic recovery.

Through its thought capital and guides, ground-breaking resilience tools, events featuring expert speakers, advocacy on better resilience, and partnerships, Resilience First supports its members in their resilience journey and risk-management strategies, enabling businesses to collaborate, share, and co-create resilience and sustainable best practice for mutual benefit and for the betterment of society at large.

In January 2022, Resilience First joined Resilience Rising, a new non-profit consortium that aims to create the big, transformative change we need to see – and ensure a safe, resilient, future for all. At launch, the Resilience Rising consortium organisations include former strategic partner The Resilience Shift, the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), and Navigating a Changing Climate (NavClimate).

Within the consortium, Resilience First spearheads the role of the business community in leading resilience best practice. Resilience Rising enables Resilience First to enhance its access, reach, remit, and delivery to drive resilience on a global, ambitious scale: augmenting its networks and relationships with internationally recognised organisations, growing its programme of engagement, and unlocking innovative tools and solutions to support its members in achieving a dynamic, impactful, and proactive approach to resilience.

Resilience First is also proud to be a partner initiative for the UNFCCC’s Race to Resilience, the global sibling campaign of Race to Zero, mobilising its members to sign up to the High-Level Climate Champions Race to Resilience to help vulnerable communities around the world build resilience and adapt to the impacts of climate change – and protect the future prosperity of business by minimising risk.

Full membership of Resilience First, providing access to its extensive range of benefits and business development opportunities, is £3,657+VAT.

Resilience First is offering free membership to small and micro businesses who are members of GMCC with fewer than 50 employees, providing access to:

  • Resilience First’s resilience self-assessment tool

  • Race to Resilience Campaign

  • Resilience First’s series of webinars throughout the year

  • Resilience First’s Knowledge Hub

  • Resilience First’s newsletter and news update

Please contact the Chamber team via or call 0161 393 4321 to find out more.