North West Cyber Resilience Centre

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre is a not for profit, police led partnership approach to protecting our business community from online crime.

As a not-for-profit joint venture between Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Digital, we exist to help, support and protect small businesses from the threat of cybercrime, which is estimated to cost the local economy over £860 million a year.

Responding to the problem of cybercrime is not solely the responsibility of the police; it requires collaboration with a range of organisations from the public, private and academic sectors. In recognition of this, the Cyber Resilience Centre was launched in 2019 as a pathfinder to the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) as an innovative public-private sector partnership.

At the heart of the Cyber Resilience Centre is a multi-agency team whose role is to oversee and coordinate activity to protect our business community. Our unique links to Regional and National Policing means we have access to the latest information on cyber legislation and criminal trends allowing the Cyber Resilience Centre to provide the very best advice to safeguard businesses, their staff, customers and the community.

Our work is overseen by a Guidance Council chaired by Baroness Hughes, the Deputy Mayor for Greater Manchester, to ensure we become the trusted and ‘go-to’ place for Greater Manchester’s business community to access affordable cybercrime prevention advice.

Working with local Universities and Greater Manchester Police provides us with access to the latest local and national information on emerging cyber threats, criminal trends and best practice to grow and strengthen the region's resilience to online crime through guidance, tailored memberships and cost-effective services.


The first step to cyber resilience is knowledge. By staying updated on the latest cyber threats, you have a greater chance of preventing attacks on your business. To help you stay up to date, we provide you with regular e-news, resources and updates, relevant to SMEs totally free of charge.


We provide a small range of affordable cyber resilience services & paid membership options. Our services help SMEs and the supply chain prepare and improve cyber resilience.

Free Membership:

At the North West Cyber Resilience Centre, we offer an annual free core membership package that will help support your business to become more cyber resilient. From free resources to awareness sessions, our core membership caters to your needs.




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