UK-Med is a Greater Manchester humanitarian medical charity. Born of the NHS, we’ve been working for over 30 years towards a world where everyone has the healthcare they need in crises or disasters.

UK-Med is proud to be a Strategic Partner of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, together, we will raise awareness and funds for UK-Med in support of our lifesaving work in emergencies.

UK-Med is the only British charity to be verified by the World Health Organization as an Emergency Medical Team. Our Register has hundreds of NHS and international medics who are rigorously trained for emergencies. Along with our global network of health professionals, we’re on-call to get to disaster zones at 24 hours’ notice and save lives.

We respond

We respond rapidly to emergencies, delivering the expertise needed to support local health services and save people’s lives. Disasters take lives, separate families, and devastate communities. Local healthcare services can be overwhelmed – which is why UK-Med responds to calls for emergency medical assistance from all across the world.

We prepare

We work with local healthcare staff to strengthen their response skills, training thousands of medics and humanitarians each year, enabling health services to be better prepared for emergencies. We help healthcare staff and organisations to be better prepared through training and capacity building; helping to rebuild local healthcare systems after disasters and to empower staff to respond in times of crisis.

We learn

We work with academic partners to promote evidence-based practice that improves patient care and the humanitarian sector. With roots in the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (University of Manchester), we are firmly nestled within the academic world – both globally and in the UK – and committed to feeding our practical learning into curricula for the current and next generation of humanitarian workers.

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