As a member, you are able to upload your own news, events and comments to the website - simply log on using your registered email address, navigate to the Membership area and follow the on screen directions. Uploading content is very simple, however if you have any questions, please contact us at

You can also submit content for consideration for the Brief by sending a Word document and an accompanying image to

We receive a high volume of content so unfortunately can't respond to each email received, however our marketing team works to ensure we use as much content as possible. We have a number of channels and will work with you to promote your messages through the most appropriate ones.  

We normally ask for between 150-300 words in a word document so that we can copy and edit the text.

Please send all content in the finished format with an accompanying image.

We have a range of sponsorship packages available, alongside various advertising opportunities to help boost your business. Call 0161 393 4337 to discuss what's available.

We have very active Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels, which we can use to share members' news, events and offers. 

Follow us, tag us, like our page, etc and we'll be able to share your content more easily

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