Salford Business School

Salford Business School is widely recognised for our sector-leading work connecting business to education and education to business.

Through an industry-facing curriculum, we provide huge value to students, alumni, business and the wider community. From our renowned research programmes in social enterprise and sports business to our multi-award winning Centre for Digital Business, we create leaders in the professions, and experts across digital and media, financial, legal services, sports business and technology industries.

We are particularly proud of the value we can add for businesses through our Employability Hub. We have a long history of engaging with businesses to provide work placements, internships, live briefs and team projects for students. These span across our entire range of courses and from Undergraduate to Postgraduate. We work with companies of all sizes from large to micro organisations, supporting real projects and filling positions so that our students can make a difference to the company while at the same time enhancing their own career prospects.

This means two things: our students get the opportunity for real world work experience as part of their study so that they are work-ready when they graduate; and local businesses can access a high quality of bright enthusiastic students who will bring up-to-the-minute thinking on legal, financial, business and management solutions.

Professor David Spicer, Dean of Salford Business School: "Salford Business School courses are inspired by contemporary practice and developed in partnership with industry and business leaders. We believe in working with the people who lead their fields to enable our students to develop the skills successful businesses need. Ultimately, these partnerships deliver pathways into the workplace and make all of our students more employable."