Local Presidents

Our Local Presidents form a key link between our members in each area and the central team working across Greater Manchester and beyond. The role is about playing a key part in the local business community and being able to represent local views on what members want. Our Presidents get involved with a wide range of meetings and events, as well as receiving up-to-date information and briefings on new services and campaigns the Chamber is running.

Below are some of the main elements that our Presidents are involved with that make up the role of a Local President for Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce:

  • They are seen and recognised as the lead Chamber member in their region and as a champion for local business, helping develop and grow the local business community.

  • They are a member of their Local Business Group.

  • They chair local business group meetings.

  • They attend GM Chamber events, such as the local networking events

  • They attend, and, by representing members' views, take an active role at the quarterly Chamber Assembly and associated meetings.

  • They attend, where necessary, any relevant local meetings that will help with the delivery of the role and further the development of the local business community.

  • They support and lead, where required, the delivery of Chamber activity, including: campaigns, media work and other associated activity designed to raise the profile of the role and/or the Chamber.

  • They identify potential vice-presidents, other supporters and new members of business groups.

  • They identify and put forward ideas for events and campaigns.

The President shall be nominated by and chosen from within the membership of the Local Business Group.  The president shall serve a two-year term and no more than two terms – i.e. four-years maximum. A President may wish to remain on the local business group providing they meet the required terms for the role.

Vice-Presidents shall also be nominated and chosen from within the Local Business Group membership.