Force Majeure Certificates

The Chamber is offers this service, for companies who are facing trading issues due to force majeure circumstances (beyond the control of the applicant) such as fire, flood, industrial disputes, pandemic, wars and conflicts.

Please note that the Chamber can only certify factual details that can be evidenced. We cannot comment as to whether or not Force Majeure applies or argue such claims on behalf of the applicant. It is the responsibility of the applicant to claim Force Majeure and the issuing body’s role is to provide a certificate in support of such claim.

Companies who are facing current trading issues following the impact of COVID, and most recently the invasion of Ukraine on the 24th Feb 2022, can use this service.

For further guidance regarding trading with Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, please click here

How to apply?

  1. Email a letter confirming details of the force majeure circumstances and the scope of non-fulfilment of contractual obligations due to these circumstances, signed by the company director, to

  2. This will need to be backed up by documents by the competent authorities or verifiable sources attesting to the existence of the force majeure circumstances (not required if circumstances are related to COVID-19)

  3. We will produce a draft letter and email it to you for approval.

  4. The letter on Chamber headed paper will be stamped with the Chamber logo stamp and released once we have received the payment.

What are the costs?

Please check our latest pricing list here

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