UK EUR1 Movement Certificate

From the 1st January 2021 the Chamber will no longer validate on behalf of HMRC the European Community EUR1 Certificates. They will be replaced with the UNITED KINGDOM EUR1s. See below for further information about the changes.

An UK EUR1 Movement Certificate will be used to support claims for preferential rates of duty in the country of importation.

How do I apply for an EUR 1 Certificate?

Applying for EUR 1 Movement Certificates can be done manually by requesting a form from the Chamber or processed electronically for certain countries at or find more about this electronic service here.

Countries who will not accept Electronic Signatures:

  • Croatia

  • Egypt

  • Iceland

  • Israel

  • Lebanon

  • Liechtenstein

  • Mexico

  • Norway

  • Serbia

  • Switzerland

Should you require an agent authority letter for your EUR1 document please see a template for this here - please note this must be reproduced on your business' own letterhead.


  • The Chamber has limited stock of these new forms however you can contact HMRC – Department of International Trade Helpline: Tel number: 0300 322 9434 to order the forms.


  • If you currently apply for your EUR1 via our on-line platform ecert using the standard method we will automatically print your application on the UK EUR1.


The format has stayed the same apart from the title of the certificate is now United Kingdom. 

There is limited information available at this time with regards to the rules of the UK EUR1s, however it is envisaged that they will be used for countries that have a UK signed Trade agreement.

A list of the countries that have signed an agreement and countries we are in discussion with can be found on the HMRC website

HMRC will be publishing new versions of Customs notice 827 and the preferential origin rules notices 828, 832 and 830. Check with for latest updates especially with the trading with country guides.

Goods will still need to meet appropriate origin rules relating to the commodity code and destination country.

UK EUR1s can only be issued for goods being exported from the United Kingdom

The goods must still meet the direct transportation, non-manipulation rules


Q – Where can I use the UK EUR1? 

A – They are only to be used for UK established trade agreements where proof of origin requires an EUR1 certificate

Q – Will EUR1s issued on or prior to 31st December 2020 be accepted at destination?

A – They should legally be accepted by the customs authority in that country; however, we cannot guarantee this will be the case

Q – What if an “Issued Retrospectively” EU EUR1 needs to be raised?

A – We are still awaiting confirmation from the UK authorities if this is allowed, however we envisage that we will be able to do this

Q – Can a duplicate EU EUR1 be applied for?

A – As a duplicate need to be exactly the same as the original one we can do these as they should be accepted

Q – Does EU content go towards the preference rule?

A – This will all depend on what the individual trade agreement state.  If you visit the HMRC website - HMRC world agreements, find the country and it will state in the agreement for example Georgia under Rules of Origin

Q – Will we still be able to raise ATRs for Turkey?

A – We cannot issue ATRs for Turkey after the 31st December 2020.  Please click here to read more information about Trading with Turkey

Q - Which countries I can use UK EUR1s with?

A - Take a look at this list we have put together (true as of 11th Feb 2021) where you can check existing Trade Agreements and what is required for proof of origin.

Download Guide on changes here


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