Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do we need to be a member of the chamber for using your customs clearance agent services?

A - No, our service is open to both members and non-members, regardless of size and sector.

Q - What are the costs associated to your customs clearance agent services?   

A - Please register your details on this link and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss requirements and provide pricing information.

Q-  Where are you based?

A - We are a customs broker with offices in Manchester city centre and Manchester Airport/ World Freight Terminal.  

Q - Why do we need a customs clearance agent?

A - Customs can be dauting and complex if you lack the knowledge and resources to do it in-house. A Customs Agent can help you with fast and reliable completion of customs declarations to ensure your business remains compliant.  

Q - Do we need a customs agent for air freight shipments?

A- Yes, any goods arriving from anywhere in the world via air freight will need to be “cleared” and will require an import customs declaration (also known as an import customs entry).

Q - Can we do import simplified declarations for goods arriving from the EU?

Yes, for goods arriving from the EU, the government has allowed traders to complete simplified declarations at entry with an option to submit a supplementary declaration within six months of the goods arriving in the UK.   Companies will be allowed to do simplified declarations until the end of 2021.

Q - Can you help with deferred declarations and manage supplementary declarations?

A-  Yes we can.  Email us at to speak to one of our advisers.

Q- Would we now need an Export Health Certificate when importing from the EU?

A- From 1st October, it is envisaged products of animal origin brought into the UK from any EU state will require an Export Health Certificate as part of the customs clearance here.   For more guidance, on this please check:

(51) Importing Products of Animal Origin from the EU into GB – New Requirements from October 2021 - YouTube 

(51) UKT | Trading between Ireland and Great Britain? Get ready for 1st October - YouTube

The future of imports: what you need to do to keep your goods moving | The Food & Drink Federation (

Import or move food and drink from the EU and Northern Ireland to Great Britain - GOV.UK (

Model health certificates for exports of live animals and animal products to Great Britain - GOV.UK (

Q - What kind of customs agent representation you offer?

A - We offer direct representation.  If you wish to understand the difference between acting directly or indirectly, please refer to the UK Gov Guidance

Q - Are you able to help us with T1 (Transit) documentation?  *** NEW***

A - Yes, we can now support UK exporters with T1 Documentation if we are also processing your export declaration.  Read more about this here and if you need help from the team email them at 

Q- Are you able to help with IPAFFS?

A - Yes, our team can process this in your behalf, just contact us for a quote.

Q - What is your current turn around time?

A - Should we receive all the required information to complete your declarations, we normally can deliver within 1-2 days or before.  However, if any information is missing, delays will be expected.

Q - We are selling DDP to our customers, can you help us with customs clearance?

A - At the moment, we can only support UK customs clearance, so we would only be able to help with the export customs clearance in the UK, and you would need to appoint a customs agent in the country where you are exporting to to deal with your import customs declaration.  Please also bear in mind, you will need an EU EORI number and register for EU VAT when selling on DDP basis.

Q -  We are buying on DDP to our suppliers, can you help us with customs clearance?

A - Please note that if you are buying on DDP basis, it is your suppliers' responsibility to deal with both export customs clearance at the country where they are exporting from and the import clearance here in the UK.  In this case, they will need a GB EORI number and to register for VAT in UK.   The Chamber can only help customs clearance for companies legally registered in the UK but can recommend Chamber members in the logistic sector who may be able to help as well.

Q - We are buying on ExW from our overseas suppliers, can you help us with customs clearance?

A - At the moment, we would only be able to support customs clearance in the UK.  You will need to find a customs agent in the country where you are importing from to deal with the export declaration there and we can help with your import customs clearance in the UK.  If you are dealing with EU suppliers, please note you would need a EU EORI number and register for VAT in one of the EU States.  

Q - We are selling on ExW to our overseas customers, can you help us with customs clearance?

A - If you are exporting on ExW, you are not responsible for the customs clearance in the UK or at the country where you are exporting to.  It is your customer's responsibility in doing both.    They will require a GB EORI and register for VAT in the UK.   

Q - Do you know who can help us with EU Customs Clearance?

A - We have plenty of members who offer logistic services including customs clearance, please check them out here and enquiry if they can support you.   Please mentioned us when approaching them. 

Q - Are you able to help us with Customs Declarations for goods moving via NI?

A - In the coming month or so we will be able to help with GB-NI Customs Declarations.  However, if you need urgent assistance on this, please register with the Trade Support Service.

Q - We are an EU logistic operator seeking customs clearance for our UK customers, can you help?

A - Please email our team at to further discuss your requirements.

Q - We are an EU Trader seeking support with customs clearance in UK, can you help?

A - We can only support EU companies who are legally registered in the UK.  If you are, please register your details in this link and a member of our team will be in touch.   However, we do have a number of members in the logistic sector who may be able to help, so email us for more information.

Q - What are Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) and can you advice which one we need for our import/export declaration?

A- Customs Procedures Codes (CPC) identify either the customs or excise regimes (or both) which goods are being entered into and removed from (where this applies).  These are used in your export/import declaration as this informs customs authorities why goods are being exported or imported.  Our in-house team does not advice directly on these, but you can find further guidance here.

If you need expert advice, one of our associates may be able to help.  Email us at to enquire further.

Q - What are the service hours for your customs clearance service?

A - Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m UK Time.

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