Customs Compliance Services

How customs' compliant is your business?

Trading internationally can bring many financial rewards to companies who carefully plan for growing globally.    From reaching new overseas customers to ensuring your global operations runs smoothly, it is necessary to understand world trade rules, customs and excise legalisation, which more than often are subject to regular and significant changes.   Successful global traders must ensure to keep up with these changes and regularly monitor their existing systems and processes to provide strong compliance for the business.

Our award-winning in-house team based in Manchester has years of experience supporting businesses through the complexities of trading globally.  Our team also works closely with a network of experts to help businesses stay ahead through assessing your customs process and systems and helping you understand key areas of improvement, up-skilling your staff, managing the technicalities of trading globally as well as reducing costs of your day to day operation.

We work with you to tailor our support to your specific needs.    We offer flexible customs and trade advice and custom compliance consultancy services in the UK.

We offer a number of services:

  • Customs Compliance Audits - From Export/Import Customs Processes, Brexit to Rules of Origin advice and guidance, our team and experts are at hand to help assess where your business is and where it needs to be.

  • Export Control Services:  Aimed at UK exporters who are trading goods subject to export controls and licences.  From training to licence applications and audits or managed services, our experts can help you navigate through these requirements to ensure you remain compliant.

  • VAT Advice & Brexit Solutions:  We have partnered with re:TRADE powered by VAT IT to help traders manage more effectively the new requirements to manage import VAT and develop unique solutions for your exporters and importers.  

  • Visa/ Immigration:  Sending staff abroad to deliver services or long-term projects?    Need guidance about the best visa options for your employees?   We are working with an expert on this matter who can provide training and consultancy support.

  • Professional Advice Packages: Access to expertise from our in-house team and extensive network of associates and partners. You can choose for a range of bespoke customs compliance advisory packages to suit your needs.