International Import Certificates

What is an International Import Certificate?

An International Import Certificate (IIC) is required for imports of ‘controlled’ goods. It is an undertaking by the importer to import goods into the United Kingdom without diversion or trans-shipment elsewhere, and not to re-export the goods without an export license.

What are controlled goods?

‘Controlled’ goods are goods which appear on a military list, administered by the suppliers’ national licensing authority, or on a ‘dual-use’ list. These lists are in place to act as a strategic mechanism to keep sensitive technologies in the right hands and avoid the possibility of diversion to WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) programmes such as chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

How can I check goods are covered by the regulations?

Controlled goods are listed in ‘The Export of Goods (Control) Order (EG(C) 0) 1989 (SI 1989/2376)’. 

How can I apply ?

You can apply via our e-z cert platform for further details contact: