Legalisation and Certification of Documents

Greater Manchester Chamber provides Certification of commercial documents including export invoices, agency and distributor agreements, packing lists and health certificates to name a few. If you wish to know more about this service please contact Export Docs on 0161 393 4310/4313 or email

How do I use this service?

If you have never completed documentation with GMCC before you will need to complete a Formal Undertaking. In order to obtain certified documents it is necessary for us to hold your signature on file. This Formal Undertaking must be renewed annually. Please ensure you have read our Standard Rules.

If you wish to have documents to be certified,  legalised or notarised please get in touch with the Export Documentation team.

Our team can certify, legalise, notarise or arrange Foreign and Commonwealth Office Apostille for tens of thousands of documents including:

  • UK Certificates of Origin 

  • Arab-British Certificates of Origin 

  • UK EUR1's

  • International Import Certificates 

  • Algerian Certificate of Free Marketing

  • Freight Invoices 

  • Commercial Invoices 

  • Packing Lists

  • Export Price Lists

  • Health Certificates 

  • Certificates of Conformity

  • Certificates of Free Sale 

  • Hajj Certificates 

  • Certificates of Analysis 

  • Pre-shipment Inspection 

  • Certificates Distributor Agreements 

  • Certificates of Formulation 

  • Engineers Reports 

  • Certificates of Incorporation 

  • Agency Agreements 

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Quality Certificates 

  • Trade Mark Certificates 

  • Certificates of Registration or Incorporation 

  • Force Majeure Certificates 

  • Cargo Manifests 

  • Marine Transport Documents 

  • Certificates of Free Circulation 

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association 

  • Certificates of Change of Name 

  • Deed of Assignment 

  • Letters of Appointment 

  • Certificates of Good Standing 

  • Authorisation of Agents 

  • Sale or Purchase Contracts 

  • Employment and Services Contracts